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todayDo we have academic freedom? It is questionable, because the efficient running of a University or tertiary institution depends on obtaining funding, and to a large extent Governments control the flow of funds. On the surface there is academic freedom, however, funds flow to where there is perceived success. Success relates to statistics and hence the number of students meeting set criteria largely dictates funding. In order to achieve this, strict guidelines have been established by the institutions to ensure that students do not err. Curricula are strictly set with more and more degrees being course driven. Much of the Nationally funded research is directed towards topics that are, ”of the moment”. The combination of all of these facts means that students are channeled towards a goal rather than being encouraged to think beyond what is known to explore what may be probable.

Within and between disciplines academics fight for positions meaning that Universities are inhabited by highly charged individuals and politics. Such situations can change the dynamics within departments, and can result in the focus being on the lecturer’s progression rather than extending the knowledge of the students.

Writing is controlled by style guides and even where Doctorates are considered it is definitely not acceptable to have what might be considered by some, an alternative view. Even the lecturers themselves are judged by how many papers they publish rather than whether their research content will enhance humanity in any particular manner. It is “publish or perish”. Publishing is also difficult because each journal has its own style and content criteria established in order for the publication to be commercially successful. There are very few areas where a student can publish their work in their style without fear or favour. Tertiary Publishing Online wishes to provide that facility.

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